Where else would you want to work?

Nobody likes wasting time on long commutes. So we decided to launch a simple, free jobs website that allowed Australians to find great jobs, close to where they live!

(Alternatively check out our other site: jobsabloodylongwayfromme.com.au)

Increase your effective pay

Working closer to home effectively increases your pay!

If you do a 3 hour shift and earn $75, but need to travel for an hour each way, you are really working 5 hours.

That works out at only $15 an hour! ($75 divided by 5 hours).

But if you could work 10 minutes from home, you only spend 3.3 hours working. That works out at $22.72 effective pay.

That's a 51% improvement!


If you are an employer, listing on this site is free. Local staff are more likely to stay in a role and are more able to help out with shifts at short notice.

Who owns Jobsnearme.com.au?

The site is owned by Student Services Australia Pty Limited. We have a 25 year history of providing useful services to young people.

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As a completely free site, we can't offer telephone support. However, if you are having an issue, email us on [email protected]